5 Things Only Introvert Feelers Do

Have you ever wondered why some introverts are more sensitive than others? Or why some introverts are more people-oriented while others are more logical and rational?

Private and reserved characteristics are generally what an introvert is known for, there are many other unique traits that they possess which can further categorize them. One of these classifications lies in their temperament. Temperament refers to a person’s behavioral style and how they interact with their external world (Personality Max). It answers the question: “Do I gently tell my subordinate that they’re underperforming or lay it on them entirely?” or, in the most fundamental way in looking at it, “Should I be nice or objective?”

Being sensitive and empathetic are some of the key indicators in telling apart an 'Introverted Feeling' personality type from an 'Introverted Thinking' personality type. The NF types in particular are a subset of personality types in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI for short, that approach life in a warm, approachable way while also sporting personable attributes. This is a sharp contrast from their 'Introverted Thinking' counterparts who are more data-driven and objective in how they navigate life. 

In this blog, we will share with you some of the things that only introvert feelers do.

Conceal True Feelings 

Not having to worry about disagreements and arguments is what keeps the introverted feelers at peace. When push comes to shove, however, these personality types would try not to be the first people to escalate the argument, even willing to conceal their true opinions on certain matters. More often than not, they would be trying to simmer the argument down to avoid an outburst of emotions from either side. Introverted feelers are a highly sensitive type and in face of strong and convicted opposition, they would much prefer trying to maintain the peace so that no one else gets hurt by the altercation.

Use art or writing as an outlet

Introverted Feelers are in their comfort zone when they daydream and frolic around their rich inner world. If you get caught often daydreaming in school or the workplace, chances are you are an introverted feeling type. These types are fantastic at coming up with evocative pieces since their imagination is just so immense and ripe, unmatched by their extroverted or thinking counterparts. People like William Shakespeare and Van Gogh are exemplary examples of Introverted Feelers who have unparalleled creative skills that shaped the world.

Zone out in innocuous debate

In conversations with people, the introverted feeling types are more committed to connecting with the person that they are speaking to on an emotional and personal level rather than the idea. In contrast, introverted thinkers love spur-of-the-action debate and participating in a battle of logic and wits, and unsurprisingly they excel at it. The main reason why introverted feelers avoid or keep debates at a minimum is a simple one: they find little purpose in toying around with needless theory. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, since introverted feelers are ready to fight for the values and principles that they believe in. It just boils down to where they expend their energy, and an introverted feeler would vastly prefer to conserve their efforts in unproductive debates more often than not.

Stay loyal to a small group of friends

While it is a no-brainer that all personality types should play their part in being a supportive and loyal companion, introverted feelers take this to the next level. They are intensely relationship-driven and are not afraid to show that to the people they love. Introverted Feelers are people-oriented at their core, so once they find a cohesive group of friends to stick with, then being with them is like a ride-or-die situation for the introverted feelers. These types are fiercely loyal people and would defend their friends to the very end, making them one of the coziest and most supportive personality types to be around.

Use a strict moral compass

Introverted feelers make decisions based on their values and principles as their dominant way of thinking, which is unlike the introverted thinkers who make choices based on the most optimal choice deduced from their objective analysis and logic. Introverted feelers use a moral compass because it is in line with their authentic selves, and their moral framework is just as developed as an introverted thinker’s logical framework. When it comes to making decisions with no distinct right or wrong answer, the introverted feeler is bound to possess a thoughtful and intellectual view on the topic.

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