Rewarding Hobbies For Introverts

Who made up that lie that introverts are boring and don’t like to have fun? It’s been pretty effective since lots of people seem to think that an introvert’s idea of fun is sitting alone in their room doing nothing all day. Sure, we enjoy the occasional moments of silence and solace but we aren’t recluses for Christ’s sake. We like to have fun, and that includes a wide range of rewarding and fulfilling hobbies.


If you’re looking for a new hobby, or you’re just curious about what introverts like to do in their spare time, look no further. Here are 10 rewarding hobbies for introverts.


1.  Gardening


Although humans have been hunter-gatherers for years, more recently, less and less of our population is in close contact with the food they eat. With the current social media trends and concerns about climate change and sustainability, having a green thumb is considered cool these days.


Being able to gather fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from your garden is not only enviable, but the experience from seed to harvest is one that is both therapeutic and enjoyable. You can also choose to build a garden of flowers for beautification purposes which, according to research, may boost mood and overall well-being.


2.   Creative Writing


Introverts spend a lot of time soul searching and are often doing mental gymnastics. What better way to express what you have found through creative writing? You can write about yourself, about others, or about the things you see around you. You could branch off into fictional writing and create characters out of thin air. It can be serious and have an important message, or silly and goofy. It’s all up to you and how you feel at the moment. Have fun with it. There’s no pressure.


3.   Photography


As the saying goes, a picture can say a thousand words, and if you aren’t willing to write them, you can say it with the click of a button. You don’t need a high-tech, fancy camera or thousands of dollars worth of equipment to begin. Your smartphone is probably up to the task, and you can use popular software to edit and enhance the photos you have taken.


You can display these photos by creating an Instagram or Pinterest feed specifically for this purpose, or go the old-fashioned route and extend this hobby into scrapbooking.


4.   Painting


Instead of taking actual pictures, why not paint them? One of the best things about painting is that you don’t have to be the best artist or know how to draw and create bone-straight lines. You can have fun with it, and just let the art flow out of you and onto the canvas.


If you ever want to take it seriously, you can probably find classes at a high school or community college. Plus, there are tons of free resources online that you can use that aren’t guaranteed to turn you into the next Picasso, but will enhance your abilities.


5.   Cooking/Baking

If you love food, then you will love this hobby. It gives you a chance to create something you will truly appreciate, and, if you mess up, you’ll have extra motivation to try again to get it right. With the number of resources there are online from Youtube videos and Tiktoks to recipes and cookbooks, getting started is as easy as gathering the ingredients. You have to eat anyway, so why not make an occasion of it?


6.   Gaming

The online gaming community is massive and there are tons of games to choose from. We’re talking millions of people, thousands of games. You may know popular ones like Fortnite and Among Us because of viral moments, or maybe Fifa, Madden, Grand Theft, and Minecraft. The list does not end there, in fact, it has hardly begun.


 What do you like the most? Is it cars? There are tons of games for that. How about simulations? There are so many themes to choose from. How about something set in outer space with missions? You can even play games under the sea. Whatever you can think about, it’s there, whether on the app store or on a console.


You can play by yourself at your own pace, or with other players from across the world, depending on the game. Many people have even made careers out of gaming. Perhaps it was the hobby you needed all along.


7.   Biking


You can discover a whole new world on a bicycle. Bicycles give you the opportunity to go places a car can’t, like up a mountain path, or down into a river valley. Here, you can get in touch with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Biking is also a great form of exercise and will help to keep your body in shape. If you take it seriously enough, you can also enter into biking competitions or take part in fundraisers and bike for different causes.


8.   DIYing


Everyone’s into DIY these days, not only because it saves a pretty penny, but because it is a rewarding experience. Taking on a few projects around the house can help to occupy your time and put your creativity and skills to the test. In the end, you’ll feel pretty good about what you were able to accomplish. Just remember to do your research and watch a few videos on Youtube before you go tearing down a whole section of wall!


9.   Fishing


If you live near a body of water suitable for fishing, why not take up this hobby? A lot of people do it regularly and seem to enjoy it, don’t they? Maybe there’s something in it for you. There’s nothing wrong with getting out of your element, especially if you’re not the type. You can always throw the fish back if you’re not into the whole gutting process and prefer to get your “fresh catch” from the supermarket.


10.  Music lessons (Instrument)


Knowing how to play an instrument automatically gives you a few cool points. Studies  have also shown that this can help to decrease stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and reduce symptoms of depression. Since introverts sometimes struggle with outward communication, a musical instrument can be a powerful tool for self-expression. It can help us to connect with a crowd without having to utter a single word.


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