Using Your Introversion To Your Advantage

You are an introvert. That’s how you’ve been your whole life and that’s how you’ll always be. It’s how you were wired, and there really isn’t any changing that. We know this. What some of us don’t know is that we can use some of these same traits that make us who we are to our advantage. We see extroverts do it all the time. Now, it’s your time to shine. 

We notice things others don’t

We introverts spend most of our time observing the world around us before we interact with it. During this time, we notice a lot of things that others may miss. This allows us to pick up on certain body language, social nuance, and other cues that help us to determine how to react.

This is a powerful tool for networking purposes or when we are simply in spaces we are not familiar with. It also helps us to better understand individuals and build stronger, more meaningful bonds with others.

People take us more seriously

There are two types of leaders people tend to gravitate towards more in the workplace: the charismatic ones, and the quiet ones. 

Charismatic leaders are usually extroverts and are obviously more chatty and charming. They do not have to be the smartest ones in the room and are simply persuasive. 

Quiet leaders are respected for their intelligence and people gravitate towards them for the air of mystery. When the quiet leader speaks, everyone wants to hear what he/she has to say. 

People also tend to want to help the guy (or gal)who doesn’t bother anyone, doesn’t ask for anything, isn’t always in the mix, and is just a chill person. No one wants to be around someone who feels like a burden all the time. You will be surprised at just how much people want to be around you or know about you by the mere fact that you have an air of mystery.

We work well independently

In the real world, there’s nobody to hold your hand all the time. As adults, we’re expected to weather whatever storm comes our way, someway, somehow. Introverts are better equipped to handle situations that require introspection, resourcefulness, focus, and most importantly, careful decision making. 

As much as many of us wish we would not overthink as much, it is a survival mechanism for ensuring we thrive in any environment. At work, when placed in situations where we do not have to depend on a team and are given ample time to execute the project, we tend to earn our stripes. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has continued to prove this fact, and introverts have started to shine in the workplace.

We remember

Again, this is where overthinking works in our favor. When we dissect a situation, it cements in our brain, and we might notice things we did not at the moment. But, when it comes up again, our improvement is very impressive. 

This also works to our advantage when dealing directly with people and their emotions. People tend to appreciate when others remember tiny details about them. This also fosters more meaningful relationships with everyone from friends and family, to colleagues and our bosses.

Preparation is key

We leave spontaneity for the extroverts. We will continue to prepare since it makes us comfortable and helps us face whatever situations we have to face. Our preparedness is a great asset to any company or client, and comes across as impressive, as it shows that we are invested in the business which increases their confidence in us.

 It also helps to save time, and we can pick up on any mistakes or discrepancies sooner. And, the more time we save the sooner we can get back home to catch up on our favorite series like we really want to do!

Minding our own business

Not minding the business that pays you is a dangerous thing. It causes avoidable problems for so many people and puts them in embarrassing situations. Extroverts like to be a part of everything even if they are not directly involved. Us? We hold our corner unless we are directly engaged. This means we can get a lot more work done, miss out on all the drama, and people will respect us for not being nosy.

Growing up, many of us thought of our introversion as some sort of disability. It really didn’t help that the people around us made comments like, “try to be more friendly”, or “why do you act like that?”. But, as time goes on, we realize that our differences are what makes us amazing. How are you going to start using your introversion to your advantage?

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